Parental Engagement

AttendApp is a Parent Relationship Management (‘PRM’) tool which allows schools to inform, interact, measure and increase parental engagement in a simple, secure and social way across mobile technologies.

Schools love AttendApp as they can seamlessly publish communications, clearly evaluate their most and least informed parents, and then establish effective ways to increase parental engagement. Additionally, this paperless system means a significant cost and administration saving for the school. This boosts school performance and gets a lot of love from Ofsted!

Students love AttendApp, because we’ve taken the best features from the likes of Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube to allow them to stay up to date on their school’s latest news and events. This includes their, houses, sports teams and even activities outside of school (eg: Scouts, sports clubs, Young Enterprise…etc). The are also able to view their lessons and homework in a secure, mobile and social way.

Teachers love AttendApp as they can foster proactive relationships with parents, to share successes or raise any issues. Through it they can notify parents about class activities (saving multiple trips to the reception to get parent details!) and also easily access all their lessons on a mobile device. As a result, they gain much credit, trust and support from parents and it frees them up time for school engagements.

Parents really love AttendApp. It is the only application that truly gives them a rich, 360° view of all their children’s schooling and extracurricular activities in one place, by providing them with easy and secure access to news, events, important dates, letters and contacts (across multiple schools & clubs) on a single mobile device. No more letters getting lost at the bottom of rucksacks!

We believe by increasing parental engagement schools can improve their overall performance and, more importantly, have a direct positive impact on their local community.Having made a successful beta launch with pilot schools across the UK, AttendApp is quickly gaining recognition and scooping up awards for its innovation from the likes of Deloitte, CVC Partners and UnLtd.! AttendApp is partnering with the world leading UCL Institute of Education and will be rapidly expanding over the next academic year.

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