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PRESS RELEASE: AttendApp successfully accepted on to UCL Institute of Education’s EDUCATE program

AttendApp successfully accepted on to UCL Institute of Education’s EDUCATE program

AttendApp has now successfully piloted its application and helped schools to improve parental engagement by providing analytics on the most and least engaged parents. Furthermore, the application helped schools to streamline communications, save administration time and reduce costs. During it’s incubation phase at on the Educate program, AttendApp is now looking for scale up school partners.

London, 19th September 2017, AttendApp is a ‘PRM’, the leading Parent Relationship Management tool; the application takes away the admin burdens of maintaining parent engagements, by allowing schools to easily and securely publish communications on one platform, measure engagement in real-time, and send automated reminders and notifications when engagement drops. AttendApp also helps parents to stay on top of all their children’s needs on a simple and secure mobile application.

Features tested in closed beta: news and events, messaging, letters and events 

AttendApp successfully ran its closed beta launch with three schools, a select group of parents who said:

“AttendApp helped us drastically reduce the admin time required in sending out newsletters”

Secondary School

“We could finally see which parents were engaging, and target those who were not., this allowed us to focus our efforts on the parents (and students) that needed the most assistance.”

Primary School

“We were looking for a very long time for a solution which could give us viability on engagement, but also a secure way to share information with only parents at our school, without having to resort to twitter.”

Secondary School

“It was so easy to use! I could finally see what homework was being set”


“I absolutely loved that I could easily see the most up to date information at my son’s school, especially the school calendar, it really helped me organise my very busy calendar and free up many hours.”


“It was just so easy to get the latest information, and not get stressed out about what’s due when”


“There is finally a way to ensure my husband never missed parents evening or important dates!”

A very happy mother 🙂

AttendApp is available on iOS, Android and web. AttendApp are now looking for scale up partners (schools who want to test new features across multiple year groups and whole schools) to be the first to test its exciting new features!

Please contact the AttendApp team on or call 0208 144 7372.  You can also book a demo with us below:

About AttendApp

AttendApp is a Parent Relationship Management (‘PRM’) tool which allows schools to inform, interact, measure and increase parental engagement in a simple, secure and social way across mobile technologies